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Nishant Verma vnish11 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 20:59:01 CEST 2016


I am having system with intel xeon D with 16 cores, two onboard 10G NIC.

I am planning a application in which i will use 8 cores and 1 port, for all
Rx and Tx for DPDK. I am using flow director for Rx.
Also i need some sought of communication between cores.
What i have seen in lots of DPDK example is sharing of message between
cores are done through ring buffers.

But here i am planning to use IP communication between cores. So it means
whenever any core needs to send some data to other core on same system, It
will first form UDP packet and send it to own Tx queue.
I am assuming that packet will receive in destination core RX queue.

Thinking this model in mind, i wrote some code line, but when i am testing
it. I am able to form and send packet to Tx queue, but i am not getting
same packet back on that machine. Although When forming the packet Source
and destination MAC are same.

Any clue?
Or please let me know if something is not clear in question.


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