[dpdk-users] Intel X710 (i40e) 802.1ad (0x88a8) packets issue

Sean Hope (shope) shope at cisco.com
Wed Aug 3 04:38:20 CEST 2016

I asked about the same thing a few weeks ago. Its a known issue and is
apparently being worked on.


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Subject: [dpdk-users] Intel X710 (i40e) 802.1ad (0x88a8) packets issue

>We have an APP developed and successfully implemented using Intel 82599
>cards, but know we would like to switch over to Intel X710-DA4 cards.
>And there is a problem occurred. We cannot receive any "0x88a8"
>(802.1ad) traffic. As we see from statistics using function
>	rx_good_bytes = 204681
>	rx_unicast_packets = 266
>	rx_unknown_protocol_packets = 266
>	rx_size_65_to_127_packets = 12
>	rx_size_128_to_255_packets = 24
>	rx_size_256_to_511_packets = 48
>	rx_size_512_to_1023_packets = 98
>	rx_size_1024_to_1522_packets = 84
>They are successfully received on a port, but then somewhere disappered.
>So it's not possible to get them by rte_eth_rx_burst() func. It's always
>0 packets readed.
>The same traffic flow received and handled without any troubles on 82599
>cards using ixgbe compiled into igb_uio.
>What can be wrong there and what configuration may be I have missed?

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