[dpdk-users] Send data between two different DPDK applications

Summers, Dow dsummers at verisign.com
Mon Aug 8 21:08:27 CEST 2016


Here’s the raw data out of DNS of TLS test run we discussed.  These numbers are from the perspective of the load generator.

Attempts/s=3,692       ,  Successes=3,692       
port[0]: rx_pkt=25,844      tx_pkt=33,755     ierr=0 oerr=0    iGbps=  0.06       oGbps=  0.04

On 8/8/16, 2:10 PM, "users on behalf of Sandeep Rayapudi" <users-bounces at dpdk.org on behalf of rayapudisandeep at gmail.com> wrote:

>I'm trying to understand if data can be exchanged between two different
>DPDK applications running as different processes. This may be a dumb
>question but I couldn't find a way going through the documentation.
>Ultimately, I want to achieve the following:
>- Develop two standalone DPDA applications - client and server
>- Send a simple hello world message between them
>- Run these two applications on different Docker containers
>- Repeat the case in containers scenario.
>Please let me know what modules / features I can use in DPDK to achieve
>Thank you.

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