[dpdk-users] Crypto Framework with QAT Device

David Griswold DGriswold at advaoptical.com
Tue Aug 9 16:17:53 CEST 2016

Thanks Fiona,

Unfortunately, I'm wanting to run on C2xxx (Atom) devices.  I don't believe any of these SKUs have the newer QAT device. Is that correct?
I did get it working with the QAT sample application as you point out.
Just for context, could you explain why the cryptodev framework did not use the ADF driver's API, like the QAT sample uses?
I suspect it had to do with performance but perhaps the API is limiting in some way?

Thanks for your help,


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Hi David,

The cryptodev framework can't be used with the earlier QuickAssist devices.(8900-8920)
Even if you got past the differing CSRs the firmware interface is significantly different, so a
complete rewrite of the code which builds the message descriptors would be necessary.
Sorry, that's probably not what you wanted to hear.

A dpdk sample app wrapping the released Intel QuickAssist driver was developed prior to the cryptodev framework:

A better alternative would be to move to one of the newer QuickAssist devices, is that an option?



I'd like to use the crypto framework with an older QAT device from the 8900-8920 (QAT1.5) series.
The current support is for the 8925-8955 series (QAT1.6).
I've installed the ADF software and gotten the crypto framework to recognize the PCIe device,
but the BAR register layout seems to be different from what the framework is expecting when it
goes to create the queue pairs.

Could the experts comment on how difficult this would be and if possible what my next steps might be?

Thanks in advance for your advice,


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