[dpdk-users] segfault with dpdk 16.07 in rte_mempool_populate_phys

martin_curran-gray at keysight.com martin_curran-gray at keysight.com
Wed Aug 24 08:48:28 CEST 2016

Hi Shreyansh

Found my problem, because of the way the dpdk is integrated into our sw as a prebuilt library, we don't get the automatic initialisation of objects the way I think the dpdk examples benefit from.
I'd forgotten this, we have explicit calls to things like


so after I added an explicit call to


my function pointer deep down below  rte_mempool_create is now valid.

Seem to have a nice performance improvement of about 40% in the rate my app can handle at the front door compared to 2.2.0


Now I just need to find out why when I turn on vector mode, I never get any mbuffs returned to the pool :)

Thanks for your help


Martin Curran-Gray
HW/FPGA/SW Engineer
Keysight Technologies UK Ltd

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