[dpdk-users] FW: DPDK Community Survey - about to close

Glynn, Michael J michael.j.glynn at intel.com
Mon Aug 29 19:13:34 CEST 2016

Hi all

Firstly, thanks to all who provided input to the DPDK Community Survey. In total we had 149 responses with an 85% completion rate. ~40% of responders had contributed patches to a recent release which meant we had a good balance of contributors vs. users. 

In terms of what's working well, the high-level feedback was:
* 96% of responders said that DPDK was meeting their requirements
* Roadmap communications - timely and right level of detail.
* Patch submissions process - 75% believe that it's working well
* Release cadence - four releases per year seems to be the right amount
* Engaged community - we got a significant amount of comments and feedback which we can use to drive further improvements 

Regarding improvement areas, the main feedback was:
* Release Support (stable releases, LTS)
* Documentation - certain aspects are outdated and need attention (particularly the Programmers Guide)
* No specific hotspots but performance bottlenecks seen in certain areas
* Need for a continuous integration and test environment

I recently presented the results at the DPDK Summit so you can see more detail in this link https://dpdksummit.com/Archive/pdf/2016USA/Day02-Session15-MikeGlynn-DPDKSummit2016.pdf 
I'm also planning to share the full set of detailed feedback with the community which I'm collating at the moment. We are also planning to review the feedback at the Userspace event in Dublin with a view to discussing the improvement areas in particular.  

Finally, we are hoping to make this a regular survey (~every 6 months) to I'd like to encourage others to voice their opinions also!

Regards, and thanks

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Hi all

Final reminder that the survey closes today Thanks to those who have already provided their input!


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