[dpdk-users] running pkt-gen in a container

Avi Cohen avi.cohen at huawei.com
Wed Dec 28 13:57:35 CET 2016

I have the following setup:
Ovs-dpdk is running in a VM.
I have 1 dpdk type port in the OVS (connected to the NIC w SR-IOV). 
 I  have an LXC-container (or for simplicity a network namespace) in the VM - currently connected to the OVS via veth-pair. 
 I want to run pkt-get in the namespace -  my questions:

1. I guess I have to run another DPDK instance in the namespace - to run pkt-gen on top of DPD, correct ?  (i.e. - cannot use the ovs-dpdk instance ) 2. How to connect the namespace to the OVS in order to achieve zero copy ? (I guess veth is not suitable for that)  - can I use vHost-user netdev or ivshmem,  to connet ovs with the namespace ?
3. In cont. to question 2 - what interface should I bind to the DPDK instance running in the namespace Thanks in advance Avi 


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