[dpdk-users] Maximum number of queue pairs per QAT device (using dpdk-2.2.0)

Chinmaya Dwibedy ckdwibedy at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 14:12:37 CET 2016


I am using the dpdk-2.2.0. I find the maximum number of queue pairs
supported by the AESNI device is equal to value of
dpdk-2.2.0/config/common_linuxapp). I have created a mapping between
logical core ID and crypto device index. Also want to keep one queue per
IPsec security association (Inbound or Outbound). With this, even same core
and crypto device processes the packet of two security association (One is
inbound and another is outbound) without intermixing.

I find the max_nb_queue_pairs to be 2 (via rte_cryptodev_info_get () for
QAT device. Is there any configuration to increase the maximum number of
queue pairs per QAT device? If not , how can I use/support multiple queues
per QAT device ? Please suggest.

Note that, I have assigned 16 VFs to VM (Openstack).



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