[dpdk-users] dpdk pcap in testpmd - not working in dpdk 16.11

Kevin Wilson wkevils at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 10:19:17 CET 2016

I am trying to read packets from one pcap file and write them to
another pcap file,
according to the example in:

The code is built with support for pmd  pcap (I have in build/.config:

In dpdk-16.04 this works:

I am running:
./build/app/testpmd -c '0x3' -n 4 --vdev
'eth_pcap0,rx_pcap=96pings.pcap,tx_pcap=file_tx.pcap' --
and after pressing enter I see
 +++++++++++++++ Accumulated forward statistics for all ports+++++++++++++++
  RX-packets: 96             RX-dropped: 0             RX-total: 96
  TX-packets: 96             TX-dropped: 0             TX-total: 96

  and a file named "file_tx.pcap" is generated, and it has the exact
size of the input file, 96pings.pcap.

Next I tried with dpdk 16.11 and it fails to copy the file, but
without an error message.
As opposed to the previous invocation, please note the change to
"net_pcap0", according to the the doc, which is not supported in
./build/app/testpmd -c '0x3' -n 4 --vdev
'net_pcap0,rx_pcap=96pings.pcap,tx_pcap=file_tx.pcap' --

What I see is:
 +++++++++++++++ Accumulated forward statistics for all ports+++++++++++++++
  RX-packets: 0              RX-dropped: 0             RX-total: 0
  TX-packets: 0              TX-dropped: 0             TX-total: 0
  ls -al *.pcap
  shows that the file_tx.pcap size is only 24 bytes (as opposed to the
input file, 96pings.pcap, which is
  10776 bytes).

Any ideas ? is it a BUG of 16.11 ? can somebody check this sequence in
16.11  with some arbitrary pcap input file?


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