[dpdk-users] unable to configure EAL command line options

Wiles, Keith keith.wiles at intel.com
Wed Feb 3 15:45:14 CET 2016


>Hi, I tried configuring the following command to configure EAL parameters 
>but getting error as Not enough memory available on socket 1
>/home/poc/pktgen-2.9.7$ sudo ./app/app/x86_64-native-linuxapp-gcc/pktgen 
>-c 0x0f -n 3 --proc-type auto --socket-mem 256,256 -b 0000:01:00.0 -b 
>0000:01:00.1 --file-prefix pg -- -P -m "[1:3].0, [0:2].1"

I also noticed you used core 0 [0:2].1 Pktgen requires a core to run display and timers. If you only have a 4 core system then the first core in -c 0f can not be used here. You will need to adjust the cores being used to something like -m”1.0, 2.1” or -m”[1:2].0, 3.1”

Also make sure the blacklist PCI devices are valid ports to blacklist.
>EAL: Not enough memory available on socket 1! Requested: 256MB, available: 
>PANIC in rte_eal_init():
>Cannot init memory
>Can any one tell me how to make memory available for this socket
>Thanks & Regards
>Nagaraj Trivedi
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