[dpdk-users] DPDK 2.2 MLX4: problem with number of TX/RX queues

Non Voglio harold.demure87 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 15:24:07 CET 2016

  I am new to the DPDK world and I am having some troubles in using some
code (not written by me).

In particular, I bump into this error when invoking the  rte_eth_dev_configure

PMD: librte_pmd_mlx4: 0x10a4d2a0: TX queues number update: 0 -> 16

PMD: librte_pmd_mlx4: 0x10a4d2a0: RX queues number update: 0 -> 16

PMD: librte_pmd_mlx4: 0x10a4d2a0: only a single RX queue can be configured
when hardware doesn't support RSS

On the other hand, it seems that my hardware is configured to have 16 RX/TX
queues (equal to the number of cores)

$ ethtool -l p785p1

Channel parameters for p785p1:

Pre-set maximums:

RX: 128

TX: 32

Other: 0

Combined: 0

Current hardware settings:

RX: 16

TX: 16

Other: 0

Combined: 0

------ Additional info

I am using DPDK 2.2

I have followed the instructions in [1] to install
  (3.2 is out, but instructions in [1] refers to 3.1)

My NIC :

05:00.0 Ethernet controller: Mellanox Technologies MT27520 Family
[ConnectX-3 Pro]

My machine runs a 3.19.0-47-generic on Ubuntu 14.04.

CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz  2x8 cores


Note that, in the end, the software I am going to use is intended to use
flow director and not RSS.

Any idea? I have the feeling the solution might be trivial, but I am a noob
in this domain and I have searched around, finding no answer.

Thank you


[1] http://dpdk.org/doc/guides/nics/mlx4.html

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