[dpdk-users] callbacks for pktgen commands are not being invoked

Wiles, Keith keith.wiles at intel.com
Fri Feb 12 16:32:59 CET 2016

>Hi, I am facing the issue that none of the callbacks for the respective 
>commands in the pktgen application are being executed.
>Further debug showed me that from the macro
>foreach_port(_portlist, _action) from the file pktgen.h
>the statement 
>if (info->seq_pkt == NULL) { \
>    continue; \
>} \
>_action; \
>always yeilds NULL and hence repeats the loop. Due to this the statement
>never gets executed. Hence the callbacks for none of the commands are 
>Let me know what could be the reason for info->seq_pkt to become NULL 

Not sure I can debug your problem without more details, I do see info->seq_pkt being valid, is some specific commands not working or more details would be great. I need to know version of DPDK and Pktgen you are using and the console startup output plus the command line would be helpful.
>Thanks & Regards
>Nagaraj Trivedi
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