[dpdk-users] Kernel NIC Interface and SO_TIMESTAMPING/PTP Hardware Clock supported?

Ralf Grosse Boerger ralfgb at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 15:30:31 CET 2016


I am planning to use a PTP Daemon (http://linuxptp.sourceforge.net/) on a
Ethernet port that is used by the DPDK.
The kernel NIC interface should allow me to pass PTP frame from/to the
linux ethernet interface (via rte_kni_tx_burst() and rte_kni_rx_burst()).

But the PTP daemon also uses SO_TIMESTAMPING/PTP Hardware Clock-API of the
linux ethernet device.
Are these timestamping APIs expected to work through the DPDK's kernel NIC
(I am using the igb driver with a Intel i210 card).

>From reading the DPDK source code/documentation I suppose that this should
be possible, but I currently do not have a running system to test this.

Thanks in advance

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