[dpdk-users] HELP: MLX4 problem

Adrien Mazarguil adrien.mazarguil at 6wind.com
Thu Jan 14 11:04:23 CET 2016

On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 11:17:03AM +0900, Masaru Kawashima wrote:
> Hi Olga,
> Thank you for your advice.
> I checked the kernel modules you've shown (ib_uverbs, mlx4_en, mlx4_ib and
> mlx4_core) are all loaded fine.

Kernel modules look fine indeed.

There is an additional possibility for the PMD to be linked with the "wrong"
libibverbs (your distribution's version or one installed manually, not the
one coming with OFED) and/or that libibverbs loads the wrong libmlx4 for a
similar reason.

If you have several libibverbs.so* and/or libmlx4*.so* on your system, make
sure DPDK links against OFED's version. I suggest uninstalling all previous
versions to be sure.

Check also that you do not have both /usr/include/infiniband and

Adrien Mazarguil

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