[dpdk-users] SyntaxError in setup.sh during binding ethernet device

dawid_jurek dawid_jurek at vp.pl
Tue Jan 19 10:45:06 CET 2016

Hello DPDK developers,
I experienced issue when I ran tools/setup.sh and chose option [23]: Bind Ethernet device to IGB UIO module.
Script Output:
File ".../dpdk/dpdk-2.2.0/tools/dpdk_nic_bind.py", line 113
    """ % locals() # replace items from local variables
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
It turned out that python 2.7 set as default in system was needed.
So I added python2 to every line with dpdk_nic_bind.py call in tools/setup.sh and now it works fine.
But the question is: is it expected behaviour? Shouldn't it be fixed by simple patch in way I did it?

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