[dpdk-users] Determining port type using API's

Van Haaren, Harry harry.van.haaren at intel.com
Wed Jan 20 10:03:26 CET 2016

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> Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 11:41 PM
> Hello

Hi Rakesh,

> I have a VM running in our company lab which has two ports in it named
> "int" and "ext" which is binded using dpdk. The port is initialized either
> as virtio or sriov mode. My question is how do I determine the port type
> using a C program? Are there any dpdk api's which tells me whether its
> sriov or virtio based?

The rte_eth_dev_info struct contains various information about a port.

The function rte_eth_dev_info_get() takes a port number as integer, and pointer to a rte_eth_dev_info struct, which it will fill in all the available information.

If you need to just support virtio and SRIOV of a specific NIC, you can do a string-compare on the driver_name.

> Using the shell script I can run "lspci" command and grep for keywords to
> identify the port type but I am not finding a simpler way to do this from a
> C program. Any help would be appreciated.
> If I run "lspci", I get the following output
> 00:03.0 Ethernet controller: Red Hat, Inc Virtio network device  <<<<<<<<<
> virtio based
> 00:06.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82599 Ethernet Controller
> Virtual Function (rev 01) <<<<<<<<<sriov based
> By running grep command on this output and matching the keywords, I can
> identify the port type.

If PCI information is easier to apply your logic to, a struct rte_pci_device is also available in the rte_eth_dev_info.

Hope that helps, -Harry

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