[dpdk-users] Building a DPDK application with librte_malloc only?

Alain Gautherot alain at edicogenome.com
Sat Jan 23 01:11:52 CET 2016


I'm using DPDK2.0.0 to test memory allocation and have couple questions:

1) Is it possible to build an application with only rte_malloc (and not the other libraries/services)?
I didn't find anything in the documentation.

2) Is it possible to use DPDK on CPUs that don't have AES-NI?
Is there a way to disable that in DPDK so I can run on more mainstream CPUs?
Maybe a CONFIG_* (but couldn't find it)?


Alain Gautherot
Edico Genome
3344 North Torrey Pines Court, Plaza Level
La Jolla, CA 92037

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