[dpdk-users] Low End Hardware for DPDK

Klaus Degner kd at allegro-packets.com
Mon Jan 25 20:31:35 CET 2016

Hello everyone !

My question is DPDK related, but more a Hardware one. Please tell me if
this is the wrong list !

I try to find the cheapest low end Hardware for a DPDK test application.
My criteria are:
- at least a dual core CPU, better quad core ( one dedicated CPU for non
DPDK, all other for DPDK )
- at least 2 DPDK interfaces
- as small as possible

I have found 2 solutions up to now:
- http://www.lex.com.tw/products/BLADE.html

However, they are relatively expensive compared to a system like:
rasberry PI or UP ( http://www.up-board.org/ ).

Does anyone know other inexpensive HW that has at least 2x DPDK
compatible NICs ?



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