[dpdk-users] DPDK application crashing makes the X540 NIC unmanageable by OS and even BIOS

Zongwei Zhou cyclone82 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 21:58:33 CET 2016

Hi all,

Please help me if you have similar experience and/or know how to resolve
it. Thanks very much.

Yesterday my DPDK application crashes (haven't cleaned up DPDK and FDIR
settings) and later the OS also hangs. After reboot, the OS can no longer
recognize the on-board X540 NIC card. lspci and dmesg only shows a Intel
NIC device 1512 ( It seems that only the device id is readable). If I
enabled SR-IOV of this dead NIC card in the BIOS, BIOS would even hangs
during its PCI bus enumeration. It seems to me that there are some
low-level registers or MMIO regions got mess up.


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