[dpdk-users] OVS Switch with DPDK

shyam yeduru yedurushyam at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 22 08:23:16 CEST 2016

Hi Team,

We have a setup at our lab to demonstrate DPDK with OVS and With-Out. Here are my configuration details and error message.

Hardware : HP DL 380 G8 
OS - Ubuntu 16.0.4
OVS Package - 2.5
DPDK has been installed along with OVS

Packages installed : apt-get install openvswitch-switch-dpdk uvtool qemu-kvm

Procedure is as follows:
1.0 enabled iommu on Kernel 
2.0 enalbled hugepages 
NR_2M_PAGES=4096">> /etc/dpdk/dpdk.conf
root at ovskvm1:~# mount | column -t | grep huge
cgroup                        on  /sys/fs/cgroup/hugetlb                   type  cgroup      (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,hugetlb,release_agent=/run/cgmanager/agents/cgm-release-agent.hugetlb,nsroot=/)
hugetlbfs                     on  /dev/hugepages                           type  hugetlbfs   (rw,relatime)
hugetlbfs-kvm                 on  /run/hugepages/kvm                       type  hugetlbfs   (rw,relatime,mode=775,gid=111)
nodev                         on  /var/opt/huge                            type  hugetlbfs   (rw,relatime,pagesize=1GB)
hugetlb                       on  /run/lxcfs/controllers/hugetlb           type  cgroup      (rw,relatime,hugetlb,release_agent=/run/cgmanager/agents/cgm-release-agent hugetlb,nsroot=/)

3.0 OVS conf settings

DPDK_OPTS='--dpdk -c 0x1 -n 4 -m 2048 --vhost-owner libvirt-qemu:kvm --vhost-perm 0664'

4.0  Connecting  dpdk0 interface and two guests. We got issue while adding dpdko interface 

root at ovskvm1:~# ovs-vsctl show
    Bridge "ovsdpdkbr0"
        Port "vhost-user-2"
            Interface "vhost-user-2"
                type: dpdkvhostuser
        Port "vhost-user-1"
            Interface "vhost-user-1"
                type: dpdkvhostuser
        Port "ovsdpdkbr0"
            Interface "ovsdpdkbr0"
                type: internal
        Port "dpdk0"
            Interface "dpdk0"
                type: dpdk
                error: "could not open network device dpdk0 (No such device)"
    ovs_version: "2.5.0"
root at ovskvm1:~#

 ovs log

root at ovskvm1:~# tailf /var/log/openvswitch/ovs-vswitchd.log
2016-06-22T06:10:46.041Z|00015|bridge|INFO|bridge ovsdpdkbr0: added interface ovsdpdkbr0 on port 65534
2016-06-22T06:10:46.041Z|00016|bridge|INFO|bridge ovsdpdkbr0: using datapath ID 00001e82be6ada4d
2016-06-22T06:10:46.041Z|00017|connmgr|INFO|ovsdpdkbr0: added service controller "punix:/var/run/openvswitch/ovsdpdkbr0.mgmt"
2016-06-22T06:10:46.079Z|00018|bridge|INFO|ovs-vswitchd (Open vSwitch) 2.5.0
2016-06-22T06:10:53.089Z|00019|memory|INFO|183016 kB peak resident set size after 10.2 seconds
2016-06-22T06:10:53.089Z|00020|memory|INFO|handlers:11 ports:1 revalidators:5 rules:5
2016-06-22T06:18:16.397Z|00021|bridge|INFO|bridge ovsdpdkbr1: added interface ovsdpdkbr1 on port 65534
2016-06-22T06:18:16.397Z|00022|bridge|INFO|bridge ovsdpdkbr1: using datapath ID 00002e9f58d5d440
2016-06-22T06:18:16.397Z|00023|connmgr|INFO|ovsdpdkbr1: added service controller "punix:/var/run/openvswitch/ovsdpdkbr1.mgmt"
2016-06-22T06:18:28.972Z|00024|bridge|WARN|could not open network device dpdk0 (No such device)

OVS-DPDK Process:

root at ovskvm1:~# ps -ef|grep ovs|grep dpdk
root      3568     1  0 12:31 ?        00:00:00 ovs-vswit... --dpdk -c 0x1 -n 4 -m 2048 --vhost-owner libvirt-qemu:kvm --vhost-perm 0664 -- unix:/var/run/openvswitch/db.sock -vconsole:emer -vsyslog:err -vfile:info --mlockall --no-chdir --log-file=/var/log/openvswitch/ovs-vswitchd.log --pidfile=/var/run/openvswitch/ovs-vswitchd.pid --detach --monitor
root      3569  3568 99 12:31 ?        00:00:07 ovs-vswitchd --dpdk -c 0x1 -n 4 -m 2048 --vhost-owner libvirt-qemu:kvm --vhost-perm 0664 -- unix:/var/run/openvswitch/db.sock -vconsole:emer -vsyslog:err -vfile:info --mlockall --no-chdir --log-file=/var/log/openvswitch/ovs-vswitchd.log --pidfile=/var/run/openvswitch/ovs-vswitchd.pid --detach --monitor

Can some one guide us , Where are we failing and how to over come this issue.

Shyam Yeduru 


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