[dpdk-users] Dealing with pcaps

Victor Boudon vctrhb at gmail.com
Thu May 5 23:41:38 CEST 2016


I'm trying to build an application based on dpdk, but I'm a little lost,
and I
feel like I'm not in the traditional use case:

The idea is that i can have pcaps that a are "dropped" into my application.

What I was thinking of doing:
Build a new driver based on the one in net/pcap. It will read on a queue:
"what pcap should I read", and send the packets through the rx_queue.

- How does the threading model works ? For what I understand, the driver is
  "producer", that push the datas to worker thought the rx_queue.
- Can I add add additional metadata for the packet into the rx_queue ? Stuff
  like a pcapid, and the offset of the packet in the pcap.
- Can I detect "are all packet processed" and aggregate statistics based on
- In which case should I use one or multiple rx_queues ?
- Should I implement the tx_queues parts, event if I'm not going to use this
  driver for dumping ?


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