[dpdk-users] X710 Extended Statistics, oversize frames

martin_curran-gray at keysight.com martin_curran-gray at keysight.com
Mon May 30 15:29:21 CEST 2016


Is anyone aware of any issues with the extended statistics counters for the XL10/i40e device?

I'm running 2.2.0, I looked at the release notes for 16.04, and didn't see any fixes mentioned for the 710 in that area?

I've enabled jumbo support, and set the max size to 2000 in the rte_eth_conf

I can see if I send in frames < 2000 bytes they appear in my application above DPDK.
If I send in frames > 2000 bytes they do not appear in my application above DPDK.

The standard statistics counter for port rx frames counts for all the frames be they larger or smaller than 2000 bytes

The rx_oversize_errors of the extended statistics does not count when the frames are larger than the max size.

I am assuming that this is the dpdk sw counter that relates to the "receive oversize count" of the controller,
which is described as the "count of received frames that are longer than the maximum size as defined..."

any help gratefully received

Martin Curran-Gray
Keysight Technologies UK Ltd

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