[dpdk-users] Using DPDK EAL with existing multi-threaded application

Jason Lefley jason.lefley at aclectic.com
Tue Nov 8 07:39:04 CET 2016

I am working on leveraging SPDK (which internally uses EAL from DPDK) from an existing application that uses Intel’s TBB. I do not need to use EAL for multithreading but SPDK does require at least huge page support and PCI access from EAL.

I noticed that if I try to use TBB’s parallel_for() after I have called rte_eal_init(), then the TBB operation doesn’t actually run in parallel. If I remove the call to rte_eal_init(), the TBB operations work as expected however I then cannot use SPDK. Does anyone have any input regarding how I can keep my existing multi-threaded application working as intended as I integrate SPDK/DPDK?


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