[dpdk-users] Is DPDK compatible with C++11 threads?

David Aldrich David.Aldrich at EMEA.NEC.COM
Tue Nov 8 14:12:08 CET 2016


As a beginner with DPDK, I want to consider how we can convert an existing Linux application from using the kernel network stack to using DPDK.

This existing app is multi-threaded, using the C++11 thread, mutex etc. classes.  We assign threads to cores by calling pthread_setaffinity_np().

I have looked at the DPDK helloworld application and see that it launches threads using the DPDK API:

               /* call lcore_hello() on every slave lcore */
               RTE_LCORE_FOREACH_SLAVE(lcore_id) {
                              rte_eal_remote_launch(lcore_hello, NULL, lcore_id);

If we use DPDK, can we retain our existing C++11 threads or are we obliged to use the DPDK threading APIs exclusively?

Perhaps a more basic question is applicable: is DPDK compatible with C++?

Best regards


Best regards


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