[dpdk-users] Compiling DPDK 16.07 with shared option is failing..

Nagaprabhanjan Bellaru nagp.lists at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 13:34:11 CET 2016


I am compiling DPDK with "CONFIG_RTE_BUILD_SHARED_LIB=y". However, when I
compile, it is failing at:

gcc -pie -fPIC
-Wl,-g -shared rte_sched.o rte_red.o rte_approx.o rte_reciprocal.o -z defs
-lm -lrt -lrte_eal -lrte_mempool -lrte_mbuf -lrte_timer
-Wl,-soname,librte_sched.so.1.1 -o librte_sched.so.1.1
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lrte_timer

I can see that librte_timer is not compiled yet, however librte_sched
depends on it - is there any workaround for this issue? Can I change the
order somewhere?


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