[dpdk-users] rte_eth_link_get() issue for bonded interface

Cody Doucette doucette at bu.edu
Wed Nov 9 21:54:49 CET 2016

I've resolved this, so in case anyone sees this problem in the future: it
is expected behavior to an extent. It can take a couple of seconds for
slaves to be activated, so when checking whether a bonded link is up, try
wrapping it in a loop to repeatedly check until the slaves have been
activated. They are polled every 10 milliseconds, but in my experience it
takes a couple of seconds for the bonded link to be recognized as up.

On Mon, Nov 7, 2016 at 12:38 PM, Cody Doucette <doucette at bu.edu> wrote:

> Hello,
> I've been experimenting with the bonding features of DPDK. If you take the
> bond sample application and add a call to rte_eth_link_get() after you
> start the bonded interface, it indicates the link is down, even though
> there were no errors in creating the bonded interface, adding slaves, and
> starting it.
> Looking at the bonding driver, it seems that bond_ethdev_link_update() is
> setting the link status to down because the number of active slaves is 0.
> This could be because the active slave count only seems to be incremented
> if a slave is added *after* the bonded device is started.
> So is there a bug in the bond sample application or in the bonding driver?
> Or is this expected behavior?
> Thanks for any info!
> Cody

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