[dpdk-users] Using DPDK EAL with existing multi-threaded application

Daniel Verkamp daniel.verkamp at intel.com
Fri Nov 11 19:19:44 CET 2016

On 11/07/2016 11:39 PM, Jason Lefley wrote:
> I am working on leveraging SPDK (which internally uses EAL from DPDK)
> from an existing application that uses Intel’s TBB. I do not need to
> use EAL for multithreading but SPDK does require at least huge page
> support and PCI access from EAL.
> I noticed that if I try to use TBB’s parallel_for() after I have
> called rte_eal_init(), then the TBB operation doesn’t actually run in
> parallel. If I remove the call to rte_eal_init(), the TBB operations
> work as expected however I then cannot use SPDK. Does anyone have any
> input regarding how I can keep my existing multi-threaded application
> working as intended as I integrate SPDK/DPDK?
> Thanks

Hi Jason,

If you are not calling any functions that rely on DPDK's lcore pinning
for correctness, you should be able to change the calling thread's CPU
affinity with rte_thread_set_affinity() so that newly-created threads
can run on more than one CPU core.  I am not sure how TBB creates its
threads, but as long as you set the affinity before calling any TBB
functions, the updated CPU affinity should be inherited by any
newly-created threads.

There is a recently-implemented helper function in SPDK to temporarily
change the thread affinity in this way:


-- Daniel

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