[dpdk-users] acl: delete/modify rule support

Nikhil Jagtap nikhil.jagtap at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 06:10:09 CET 2016


I had a couple of questions about ACL support in DPDK.

1) Is it possible to build the ACL context over a period of time, one rule
at a time by calling build post each add operation?
Something like this :
    rte_acl_add_rules(ctx, rule1, 1);
    rte_acl_build(ctx, build_cfg);
    rte_acl_add_rules(ctx, rule2, 1);
    rte_acl_build(ctx, build_cfg);
    rte_acl_add_rules(ctx, rule3, 1);
    rte_acl_build(ctx, build_cfg);

I tried this, and it seems to be working - but still wanted to confirm.

2) I did not find any delete-rule API. I understand from one of the email
archives (http://dpdk.org/ml/archives/dev/2015-June/018868.html) that it is
not supported. Any specific reason why deletion of rule is not supported?
Any plan to support it?
Any alternative way other than destroying the whole context, adding the new
set of rules and building the rules again?


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