[dpdk-users] vm2vm and host2vm performance using dpdk 16.11

Yossi Barshishat beyossi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 22:57:21 CET 2016

My simple setup includes 3VMs, each is running a forwarding dpdk based
program (e.g. l3fwd), all are located on one single host.

The setup looks like:
82599NIC1 ---> VM1 ---> VM2 ---VM3 ---> 82599NIC2

vm2vm nics use virtion and NIC-vm is PCI passthrough.
while generating 10g into first NIC resulted end to end performance are
extremely poor.
after removing VM2 performance are still poor.

I am using DPDK 16.11 over ubuntu 16.04 and looking for means to accelerate
- vhost-net can only have one single port and I fail to run a secondary
vhost-switch on the host, so it is not a good solution.
- ivshmem was removed from 16.11
- memnic - looks like incompatible with 16.11

Any idea what could be good mean for achieving good performance on the
following: host-2-vm / vm-2-host, vm-2-vm ?


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