[dpdk-users] running KNI application causing seg. fault

devendra rawat devendra.rawat.singh at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 13:48:29 CET 2016

I have written a PMD for my non-pci based ethernet device. My device is
queue based (RX and TX queues).

testpmd application is running successfully and I am able to transmit and
receive traffic at line rate through my ethernet interface.
my testpmd execution command:

# ./_install/bin/testpmd -c ff -n 4 --vdev=uio_my_eth1

Now I need to export my device as a kernel network interface so that it
shows up using ifconfig command, I believe KNI driver and app can help

I inserted rte_kni.ko module in my kernel and executed kni appliation

# ./app/kni --vdev=uio_my_eth1 --  -p 0x1 -P --config="(0,1,2)"

At this point kni app. is crashing with seg. fault.

Can I use KNI module and application for my non-pci based vdev or only DPDK
supported NICs will work with them ?

Do I need to build and load vhost kernel module too ?

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