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Hi Kapil,

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> Hello,
> I currently receive both control and data traffic on my dpdk port. I want to
> classify the packets and assign more priority to the control packets; is there a
> way to put the control packets in one queue and give it a higher priority than
> the other queue(s).

DPDK QoS scheduler prioritizes the packets, enqueue them into queues and schedule their transmission  based on available bandwidth as per configured SLAs.
In your case, the traffic belonging to different classes (control, data) needs to be appropriately queued in. For that, you can learn from the classification stage of the QoS which set the "sched" field of the mbuf.  Later, this field can be consumed to determine the priority of the packets (i.e. traffic class & queue ) and buffer them into respective queues. Depending upon your application, you can select scheduling process to determine which packet is to be transmitted next.  

> From the dpdk QOS section, i see Qos metering and scheduling can be done
> only for the traffic sent out of the port (Tx) ? or am i missing something ?

QoS traffic metering is applied to the input packet as a measure of how much the user/flow currently exceeds its pre-allocated bandwidth, while QoS Scheduling (traffic management) refers to prioritizing the output packets in the case the available traffic exceeds the available bandwidth based on pre-configured SLAs.

> Regards
> Kapil.


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