[dpdk-users] Debugging Dropped Frames

Rob Zimmerman rob at thezims.net
Thu Sep 22 19:55:34 CEST 2016

Fellow packet wranglers,

While developing my stack I've hit an odd scenario where IP frames aren't
making it out onto the wire. Oddly enough, rte_eth_stats_get() is showing
that packets are indeed getting sent, but I'm not seeing anything on the
LAN. I can confirm part of my stack works because my ARP logic works A-OK.

Question 1)
Does DPDK drop malformed IP packets before shipping them on the wire? I've
investigated the memory segment from the ether_hdr on down, and the packet
looks fine. I ask this question because after setting the ether_type
parameter to ETHER_TYPE_ARP (on an IPv4 frame) it makes it out on the wire.
Of course, it's gobbledygook because it's actually an IPv4 frame, but at
least it made it on the wire...

Question 2)
Does DPDK perform any of its own logging that I can troll to get more
insight as to what's going on?

Thanks for the guidance!

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