[dpdk-users] filtering IPv6 packets in hardware

Cody Doucette doucette at bu.edu
Wed Sep 28 18:16:52 CEST 2016


> Are you sure about that? What NIC are you using?

I'm using the Intel 82599. I saw this in the datasheet regarding Flow

"The 82599 supports masking / range for the previously described fields.
These masks are defined globally for all filters in the FDIR…M register."

Additionally, on the DPDK side, you can only specify the bit masks for Flow
Director once, when invoking rte_eth_dev_configure(). When adding an
individual filter via struct rte_eth_fdir_filter, there is no option to
apply a mask.

If this understanding is wrong, please let me know. (I hope it is!)


Thanks for the information -- I will look through those painful discussions
and the techniques you suggested.


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