[dpdk-users] virtio doesn't work on some virtual machines

Dirk-Holger Lenz dirk.lenz at ng4t.com
Mon Aug 7 16:07:15 CEST 2017

with dpdk 17.08rc4 using shared libriaries and primary/secondary process
virtio doesn't work on some of our virtual machines.
The reason for this seems to be the different sequence the mempool drivers
register to dpdk.
While on the primary process the mempool drivers register in this sequence:
ring_mp_mc -> 0
ring_sp_sc ->1
ring_mp_sc -> 2
ring_sp_mc -> 3
stack -> 4
on some of our virtual machines they register in the same sequence while
other machines register in this sequence:
stack -> 0
ring_mp_mc -> 1
ring_sp_sc ->2
ring_mp_sc -> 3
ring_sp_mc -> 4
This leads to the effect that the pool which is created by the primary 
with mempool index 0 is used in the secondary process with a different kind
of drivers and different driver specific functions which makes in our 
case the
system block at the symlock that never goes to zero.

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