[dpdk-users] Round-robin instead of RSS

Dorsett, Michal Michal.Dorsett at verint.com
Tue Dec 5 22:23:23 CET 2017

We are using an XL710 nic 4x10Gbps.
Our application needs to delay all packets in the system for at least the first second, and depending on the type of traffic mbufs may need to delay packets even more.

Since the XL710 makes use of, at most, 1M mbufs in a queue and not more - we need to create several queues that provide enough mbufs for the nic not to starve.

Because we handle extremely varied traffic, we may not be able to statically configure an RSS to load balance traffic evenly between the queues.

Is it possible to set up a round-robin policy between the queues instead of RSS?
I realize the drawbacks - un-orderliness, etc. - but please assume we have our methods of handling those specific issues.


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