[dpdk-users] Question on using Get PHY Abilities from DPDK Application

mark.hamilton at non.keysight.com mark.hamilton at non.keysight.com
Thu Dec 7 14:17:58 CET 2017


We are using X710 cards with finisar SFP+'s. For support purposes we would like to be able to determine both:

  *   the type of SFP+s inserted into the card.
  *   optical power readings.
from within a DPDK (v2.2.0-7) application running in a centos 6.8 based VM. We thought that we could obtain this via the Get PHY abilities command and response. However from our tests using the testpmd example we only seem to get some of the fields populated. The response received for Each port contains a single qualified module entry as you would expect. However, all octets relating to both the Vendor Part # and the Vendor Rev # always seem to be set to 0.

Does anyone know what this would be the case? Does the firmware fully support the command ? (We've tried both the 5.05 and 6.01 NVMs). We know the SFPs are valid, as ethtool -m works ok using the latest X710 firmware and i40e kernel driver.


Mark Hamilton
Application Engineer
Keysight Technologies.

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