[dpdk-users] port 0 not present on board error

Hristo.Trifonov Hristo.Trifonov at ul.ie
Tue Dec 12 11:54:09 CET 2017

If your nb_ports = 0  shows that you haven't bind/provided any ports to dpdk.

Just verify that the ports that you want to use with dpdk (igb_uio) are available on the machine.
This means that they are not used for anything else but dpdk.

Before you attempt to bind any ports to igb_uio, from the terminal check what ports are available on the machine using nmcli d or any other utility.
Load the igb_uio kernel module using the dpdk_setup  script in dpdk/usertools
Then use the dpdk_dev_bind or dpdk_setup  script to bind the selected ports to igb_uio.
Verify that the ports are using the igb_uio with the dpdk_setup  script. There is an option there for that.

If you are using 2 ports (-p 0x3), use 2 lcores (-c 0xE) core 2 and core 3 in this case.
Complete the cmd like this:
pragash at revvit:~/dpdk-stable-17.05.2/examples/l3fwd/build$<mailto:pragash at revvit:~/dpdk-stable-17.05.2/examples/l3fwd/build$> ./l3fwd -c 0xE --no-huge -- -p 0x03 -L --config="(0,0,1),(1,0,2)" --parse-ptype

If you want to use more lcores you must then change the -config option to reflect the situation in terms of (port,queue,lcore)

Hristo T.

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