[dpdk-users] Configuring IP RSS with an XL710 interface

Dorsett, Michal Michal.Dorsett at verint.com
Tue Dec 26 22:41:25 CET 2017


I am injecting very versatile stateful traffic using Ixia Perfect Storm at ~18Gbps.
The traffic has no tunnels. It has very simple IPv4+TCP/UDP over an Ethernet layer.
I use 3 10Gbps ports out of the 4x10 for receiving traffic. Each port has 4 queues.

When I configure the following:

    p_eth_config->rxmode.mq_mode = ETH_RSS;
    p_eth_config->rx_adv_conf.rss_conf.rss_key= NULL;
    p_eth_config->rx_adv_conf.rss_conf.rss_hf = ETH_RSS_PROTO_MASK;

Traffic is distributed evenly among the queues.

However, when I configure ETH_RSS_IP for the hash function traffic arrives only at queue 0 of each port.
Again, my IP layer is very versatile and random.

I would appreciate understanding the reason for this.


Michal Dorsett
Developer, Strategic IP Group
Desk: +972 962 4350
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Verint Cyber Intelligence

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