[dpdk-users] Is PF-only driver allowed to upstream into dpdk?

Vincent JARDIN vincent.jardin at 6wind.com
Mon Feb 13 23:14:36 CET 2017

>> I am currently working on a non-nic mode user space PCI driver
 >> which processes custom packets from OCTEON 7xxx processor. As
 >> per the requirements, DPDK is the best way to achieve this.
>> Though I have seen few designs and sources that talk about dpdk
 >> pf drivers, I am interested to know if such a driver with pf-only
 >> support and which doesn't involve virtual functions will be allowed
 >> to upstream into DPDK sources.

> There is no problem with PF only drivers, and there are already samples
> of it in the project.
> As long as driver is open source and for data path, it is good for
> upstream. Please feel free to upstream your driver when it is ready.
> The discussion about DPDK PF drivers was about if DPDK PF driver should
> be in control path or not, this is high level project scope discussion.

It is about diverging with the Linux kernel's PF. It is not acceptable, 
from a VF point of view to have different behaviors.

Then, about this specific request regarding Octeon's PF, your 
description is not clear enough to comment deeply about it.

Best regards,

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