[dpdk-users] Problem running dpdk-qat example in SR-IOV mode

Pankaj Joshi pankaj.joshi63 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 12:11:32 CET 2017

Hello All,

I am trying to run dpdk-qat example code in SR-IOV mode. Steps done by me
so far are :

1. Enable SR-IOV, virtualization, VT-d in bios setup.

2. Boot file settings are like :
root=UUID=67d49074-1cca-490d-9626-bfda8b789ff7 ro default_hugepagesz=1G
hugepagesz=1G hugepages=16 intel_iommu=on iommu=pt quiet splash
security=selinux selinux=1 vt.handoff=7 isolcpus=1-15

3. Install QAT1.6 software using below configuration :
d1  Set SRIOV Mode to "Host"

4. There is one coletocreek device and device state is up :
service qat_service start
There is 1 acceleration device(s) in the system:
 icp_dev0 - type=dh895xcc, inst_id=0, node_id=1,  bdf=83:00:0, #accel=6,
#engines=12, state=up

5. The output of the "lspci -d:443" command giving as below output :
83:01.0 Co-processor: Intel Corporation Device 0443
83:01.1 Co-processor: Intel Corporation Device 0443
83:01.2 Co-processor: Intel Corporation Device 0443
83:01.3 Co-processor: Intel Corporation Device 0443
83:04.7 Co-processor: Intel Corporation Device 0443

6. "lsmod | grep qat " gives no output.

7. "lspci -d :435" command gives output as :
83:00.0 Co-processor: Intel Corporation Coleto Creek PCIe Endpoint

8.The is no such folder :


9. Output of the below command is 32.

cat /sys/bus/pci/drivers/qat_1_6_adf/0000:83:00.0/sriov_numvfs

10. After these steps, while running the dpdk-qat example in host m/c
(As The QAT1.6 is install as host with SR-IOV mode).

The number of crypto instances are getting as 0 and getting error as :

Crypto: get_crypto_instance_on_core failed with status: -1

Please suggest a way, how I can proceed for the same.


Pankaj Joshi

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