[dpdk-users] Binding NIC to igb_uio or uio_pci_generic

Anand Prasad anandnprasad at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 21 13:33:16 CET 2017

Hi Dpdk Team,
I request the team help me solve below issues:
1) Binding a NIC to DPDK igb_uio module:
   I am trying to bind the NIC to the igb_uio driver module [i.e. Unbinding it from the Linux control]. Using the dpdk-setup.sh script I am able to bind the NIC to uio_driver. After binding it to igb_uio module, that NIC is shown under the DPDK Comatiable drivers list, but there is no interface name for this NIC and am not able to use that NIC in DPDK tests. 
    So, how to get the interface name for this NIC. Otherwise, is it possible to use without interface name?

2) Runnig DPDK test application without binding NIC to igb_uio module:
    The DPDK document clear says that, if a NIC is under Linux control, it will be ignored by the DPDK. what does
it mean? Is it like, I will not be able to run any DPDK tests if I don't have NIC under DPDK compatible driver?
    As I have observed in my tests, even without binding a NIC to DPDK igb_uio module, I am able to run the DPDK tests on that NIC. So, what is the importance/significance of binding a NIC to DPDK igb_uio module?

Thanks in advance for quick response.
Regards,Anand Prasad

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