[dpdk-users] Checksum offloading on gre outer-ip in dpdk-16.11

Eyal Leshem leyal at incapsula.com
Wed Feb 22 08:18:57 CET 2017

Hi all,

I use checksum-offloading for calculating the checksum of packets that i
change/create inside my app.
I use it for regular packets and for gre packets (checksum is calculated on
the outer-header).

On dpdk-16.07 everything works fine , But when i try to use that with
DPDK-16.11 it seems that the offloading on GRE packets does not work (while
on the regular packets it still works fine).

In dpdk-16.07 I use the following flags on my mbuf to mark to the NIC that
the packets need checksum calculation (m is the "struct rte_mbuf"):

On 16.11 I tried to add also the PKT_TX_TUNNEL_GRE (As i saw that addition
in "csumonly.c" in the 16.11 version in the "pmd-test" app) - but that also
didn't help.

My NIC is : "Intel Corporation Ethernet Controller X710 for 10Gbe
And i run my app in Ubuntu-14.0.4.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance -

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