[dpdk-users] Port binding issues : NIC intel 82599ES

Shyam Shrivastav shrivastav.shyam at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 13:14:32 CET 2017

Thanks, Yes indeed we need to go through documentation, my case I was in
hurry passing through commands to get into real action so missed the dpdk
specific "--" separating EAL and app specific options. I realized my
mistake soon afterwards while looking at app code, updated the thread on
web list archive, probably another mistake !
I am moving well with my project using dpdk  for now ...

On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 5:07 PM, Hristo.Trifonov <Hristo.Trifonov at ul.ie>

> Hi Shyam,
> In your case try the following:
> ./l2fwd -c f -n 2 -- -p 0x3 where -p 0x3  indicates that you want to use
> port 0  and  port 1 with the l2fwd app.
> For future experiments you'll need read through the dpdk documentation so
> you can gain better understanding.
> Regards,
> Hristo

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