[dpdk-users] [pktgen] pktgen Tx/Rx rates are not the same in loopback testing case

Paul Tsvika mozloverinweb at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 17:11:29 CEST 2017

Hi developers,

Below is my hardware configuration:

Memory: 32G ( 16 G on two channels )
CPU: Xeon-D 1557 ( 12 cores, hyperthreading - 24 core )
NIC: Intel X552/X557 10GBASE-T

My motherboard has 2 10G ports so that I set up the testing experiment in

I have compiled DPDK successfully and below is the steps how I configured

$ sudo modprobe uio
$ sudo insmod ./build/kmod/igb_uio.ko
$ sudo ./usertools/dpdkdevbind.py -b igb_uio xxx:xx.0 xxx:xx.1
$ sudo ./app/pktgen -c 0x1f -n 2 -- -P -m "[1:3].0, [2:4].1"
<pktgen> start 0

I use core 1 and core 3 work for port 0 tx/rx respectively. Core 2 and core
4 work for port 1 tx/rx respectively.

I have some questions listed below:

​​( check my attachment d2.png )
The TX rate is almost 10G, however, the RX rate is much lower than TX rate.
I suppose this should not happen. Is my configuration wrong in any place ?
I checked other developers and TX rate normally can reach 999x and RX rate
is almost the same as TX rate.


Please check the attachment ( start_log ).

*Packet Burst 32, RX Desc 512, TX Desc 1024*, mbufs/port 8192, mbuf cache
Is 32 the default packet size ? How can I configure it to 64 ?
Why RX Desc is different to TX Desc ?

*Port  0: Link Down <Enable promiscuous mode>*
Port  1: Link Up - speed 10000 Mbps - full-duplex <Enable promiscuous mode>

Port 0 is down at some points, how can I check the root cause to this issue?


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