[dpdk-users] Static & Dynamic Library

Kumaraparameshwaran Rathnavel krath at cloudsimple.com
Wed Mar 1 13:01:18 CET 2017

Hi All,

We have been using DPDK 16-XX for sometime. We have been using the Header files & Dynamic Libraries with our own CMAKE framework. The DPDK 17.02 version’s liberate_eal does not expose a function to the SPDK as Dynamic Library. So for this reason we were forced to use shared library. Previously I did hear from the group saying if we are using static libraries this requires a flag to be enabled in makefile. Can you specify me the flags required to use Static Libraries as the Static Library has dependency with constructors. The issue I am facing is also because of the RTE_INIT which is a  constructor where I get a panic saying VFIO resource list already initialised. Is there any other way to solve it.

Thanking You,

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