[dpdk-users] DPDK R17.02 Intel Performance reports are available now on dpdk.org

Xu, Qian Q qian.q.xu at intel.com
Fri Mar 10 01:47:04 CET 2017

Hi, all
I'm pleased to announce that DPDK 17.02 Intel performance reports are available at below links. Please take a look at them and welcome your comments. Special thanks to Yulong, Pei and Lei, Yao to make the reports!

DPDK 17.02 Intel NIC Performance Report: http://fast.dpdk.org/doc/perf/DPDK_17_02_Intel_NIC_performance_report.pdf .
What's new:

1.       Add Intel(r) Ethernet Network Adapter XXV710 performance result.

2.       Add the 10G/40G performance comparison between R16.11 and R17.02.

DPDK 17.02 Intel Vhost/virtio Performance Report: http://fast.dpdk.org/doc/perf/DPDK_17_02_Intel_virtio_performance_report.pdf
What's new:

1.       DPDK Phy-VM-Phy(PVP) RFC2544 test case

2.       DPDK VM2VM iperf test case

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