[dpdk-users] [dpdk-dev] Solarflare DPDK

Anupam Kapoor anupam.kapoor at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 11:22:04 CET 2017

,----[ ankit-agarwal ]
| "but, in terms of functionality"
| Can you elaborate on that?
sure, think l2 handling sepcifically, arp, neighbor table management
etc. for l3 you need to manage routing etc. etc., from l4 onwards you
need to worry about protocol specific handling, and protocol states
which may or may not last application lifetimes etc. etc.

but, i am guessing, openload's offering is already battle-tested, and
provides sane sematics for stuff outlined above, both on virtualized,
and bare-metal environments.

or, as mentioned earlier, if you want to go with dpdk, then there are
commercial offerings available there as well.

kind regards

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