[dpdk-users] Query for QAT software running in SR-IOV mode at VM

Pankaj Joshi pankaj.joshi63 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 18:20:08 CEST 2017

Hello Team,

I have followed the steps given in section 10.4 in below link :





1.          Export ICP_WITHOUT_IOMMU=1, and install the QAT software in
host ( SR-IOV mode ).

2.         Checked that there are 32 VF devices are there.

3.        Launched VM and add 1 PCI device to the VM.

4.       1 device map to 1 /etc/dh895xcc_qa_dev0.conf file which is having
2 instance.

5.        Install QAT software in VM m/c with guest mode as explained in
below link.

6.    Running my application, it is able to submit the request to hardware
queue using API,cpaCySymDpEnqueueOp.

7.     But unable to call the registered callback function.


How I can debug the issue, or how I enable the logs in QAT software.

Please help here.


Pankaj Joshi

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