[dpdk-users] Assigning queues according to MAC or VLAN

tom.barbette at ulg.ac.be tom.barbette at ulg.ac.be
Sun May 7 13:00:32 CEST 2017

Hi all,

I'm trying to dispatch packets to queue according to VLAN or MAC address with Intel 82599 cards. But the question remains general.

I tried MAC-VLAN flow director mode but it seems unsupported by those cards and Intel XL710 ones also (With testpmd, 82599 refuse to initialize and I get operation not supported for XL710). Is it really an hardware limitation or should support be coming soon?

With VMDq, I could create pools with MAC/VLAN filters but the problem is that MAC and VLAN assignation are static, at initialization time. I'd prefer a dynamic solution where I can change filtering parameters while running.

Last resort seems to use VFs, but it's a bit overkill and I'm not sure about the performance penalty. Is it my only option?



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