[dpdk-users] Generate more than 10000 flows.

Dheeraj Dang dheerajdang138 at gmail.com
Sun May 7 18:05:47 CEST 2017


I m running dpdk pktgen between two virtual machines that are on the same
network. Sender machine is sending UDP packets using range.
I m trying to generate no of flows in dpdk-pktgen and for that purpose, I'm
using source and destination port options (max, min, increment and start).

Start Min Max Inc
Source Port 3000 3000 3000+N 1
Destination Port 4000 4000 4000+N 1

where N is no of flows that I want to generate using dpdk-pktgen.

Following are my observations with dpdk-pktgen.

*N* *No of flows generated (sender side)*
10 10
100 100
1000 1000
10000 8192
20000 8192

Is it possible to generate more than 10000 flows through dpdk-pktgen ?

Dheeraj Dang

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